From Taxed … to Relaxed.

We’ve been experts in tax preparation and representation for 20 years. Which means you can rest easy with us as your partner.

Don’t Gamble With Your Taxes.

Gamblers have special tax concerns, and even a few benefits. We’ll make sure your hand is played right so nothing is left on the table.

Rentals to Real Estate.

Don’t let owning property leave you feeling taxed. We’ve got two decades of experience to open the door to a better rental real estate tax process.

The crypto-craze and your taxes.

Make informed decisions about what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency means for your taxes.

We’ve Got You and Your Business Covered.

From the preparation of income tax returns to IRS representation, Clayton Financial and Tax is proud to represent businesses and consumers.

Why Us?

1 We have more than 30 years of experience in tax and finance.
2 Russell Fox is one of the nation’s experts on taxes, specializing in gambling and business tax.
3 We offer cost-effective tax preparation and representation.
4 We are Enrolled Agents, meaning we’re among America’s foremost tax experts.
5 We enjoy preparing tax returns — really!

Taxable Talk

Taxable Talk is our tax blog where we cover tax-related news, gambling tax implications, and legal decisions impacting taxes.