Rental Real Estate

Open the Door to a Better Real Estate Tax Experience.

When you invest in rental real estate, you’re getting more than just property. This type of investment can be an excellent method of earning regular income while saving money on your taxes – with the correct strategies.

At Clayton Financial and Tax, we take the guess work out of taxation for rental real estate. With 20 years of experience in preparing tax returns for investors in rental real estate, we use our knowledge of the tax code, regulations and rules to craft a balanced tax strategy that is tailored to your unique real estate portfolio.

We will help you determine which expenses are deductible, when to capitalize improvements and how to take advantage of depreciation and Section 1031 exchanges. As Enrolled Agents, we have a deep understanding of the needs of rental real estate investors.

Set up an appointment today, and we’ll help you feel right at home with us as your partner in rental real estate taxes.